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Thailand Space Law: Public hearing

LAW : null ได้เปิดรับฟังความคิดเห็น วันที่ 01/3/67 – 15/3/67 สำหรับ การจัดทำ ร่าง พระราชบัญญัติกิจการอวกาศ พ.

2023 Sponsorship

CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY RESEARCH SOUNDING ROCKET TWO, CURSR-II (CURSOR TWO) Congratulations to CUHAR team (Chulalongkorn University High Altitude Research Club) for being able to launch the CURSR-II, the CUHAR’s fastest and highest-going rocket at 30,000 feet altitude (triple time from the last year) Spaceport America Cup 2023 was held on June 19-24 in Las…
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Business Expedition Space in Thailand – Thank you

On March 2nd, 2023 Thank you, The Business France Team, France embassy and France company participants Thank you, GISTDA and NIA, for asking our team to participate in this event. For the photo gallery, please visit this link:

Touchless Space Debris Management and Security of Space Technology

On January 26th last week, our team presented the concept of Alternative ADR Technology to encounter massive space debris transportation, recycling on-orbit service purposes and following the Net Zero debris trend to enhanced sustainability for space materialat 2023 SciTech by AIAA organization USA. I hope you will enjoy watching and let’s see how it works.…
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The electric potential and electric field on conducting space debris

Congrats to L. Sirapat and P. Anol for publishing their paper: L. Sirapat and P. Anol, “The electric potential and electric field on conducting space debris,” 

Touchless space debris mitigation and security

Congrats to L. Sirapat, J. Phunika and P. Anol for publishing their paper: L. Sirapat, J. Phunika and P. Anol, “Touchless space debris mitigation and security,” 

EFieldVAC Attraction Experiment #EVM01 Project

EmOne Space is cleared for the first experiment at the THA @EmOne’s Workshop Space Center. EmOne’s EFieldVac Module (EVM) will provide an attraction for several classes of particle material in the free space. Learn more about EFieldVAC: ★ Subscribe: subscribe and click twice on the bell button to receive our notifications. Check out our…
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Measurement and scaling

Measurement and scaling are significant for observing how is different from the baseline with each experiment.


Registration for Space Economy : Lifting Off 2022 and more information at Contact person: Wallaya (Nan) Tel. 0-2017-5555 ext. 407 / Mobile: 085-91104691 Email: [email protected]

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