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Set up Time Synchronization on Linux

Change Docker default bridge IP address

This article explains how to change the default bridge IP address Alternative solution {     “default-address-pools”:         [             {“base”:”″,”size”:24}         ] } by EmOne

How to use .cer on Linux

This article explains the instructions to use <windows>.cer file on Linux (ex. Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)

How to Configure the WIFI with connmanctl

This guide describes how to setup the Wifi with connmanctl Steps: 1. Connect to the linux device. (We use debian linux distribution) debian@linux:~$ sudo connmanctl[sudo] password for debian:Error getting VPN connections: The name net.connman.vpn was not provided by any Enter password if requested: <your password>Ignore the VPN error. 2. Run the network manager: 3. Enable Wifi: connmanctl> enable…
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