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Active sweeper phenomena vacuum chamber instrument design for space debris/micro-asteroid by O2O transfer

Merry Christmas!!! A little step of last week in 2021 from our physicist and engineer team, They presented first draft of active sweeper phenomenon vacuum chamber design by O2O (orbit-to-orbit) transfer. We hope this tool can proof our concept regarding space debris/mirco-asteroid density control solution in near future soon and following IOS (in-orbit servicing) manufacturing…
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Expected force distribution

What are we expected the force distribution with drag zone and accel zone for space debris orbit control. #research #tiny #medium #spacedebris #mitigation #EmOne

Φ-week 2021: Spotlight on climate and the New Space economy

Φ-week 2021 opening, more information on Access video at

2021 SAC – Global nominees announced!!!

Follow us and vote via this link!!! Follow global nominee list via this link

2021 SAC – Local Winner!!!

2021 SAC – Local Winner Cheers!!! a nano step in giant leaps Our team workgroup on 2021 SAC has be deserved local winner to global nominee challenges #spaceplanning #publicspace #spacesustainable #spacedebris #cleanspace #spaceappschallenge #EmOne

2021 SAC – Certificated

Our team workgroup on 2021 SAC #spaceplanning #publicspace #spacesustainable #spacedebris #cleanspace #spaceappschallenge #EmOne

GREENBIZ Webcast Sustainability in Space: The Next Frontier

GREENBIZ Webcast  Sustainability in Space: The Next Frontier <– Click for watch archived webcast Our question represented at 36:30 and 45:50  

SITE 2021: STARTUP THAILAND [Space Tech section]

See this link -> 

Space Economy: Lifting off 2021

Congratulations, a micro step was completed for networking and partnership purposed. What are we working, it look like insurance. when you lost a valuable thing in space, you will miss us. Good luck for your next mission with most valuable customers. #tiny #medium #spacedebris #mitigation #protection #recycle #density #inorbitservice

Space Economy: Lifting Off 2021, Demo Day 2021/08/10

Our project pitch timing at 20.47

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