Touchless Space Debris Management and Security of Space Technology

Touchless Space Debris Management and Security of Space Technology

On January 26th last week, our team presented the concept of Alternative ADR Technology to encounter massive space debris transportation, recycling on-orbit service purposes and following the Net Zero debris trend to enhanced sustainability for space material
at 2023 SciTech by AIAA organization USA.

I hope you will enjoy watching and let’s see how it works.

For the full paper, please access this meeting paper via the below link

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Article Title: Touchless Space Debris Management and Security of Space Technology

Abstract: The ESA report indicates that the collision rate of payloads and rocket bodies has grown faster than the number of payloads and rockets over the past decades. By SSA guidelines, processes to increase the space debris should be avoided to preserve the outer space environment. The conventional space debris removal general method may need to be revised because of the current number of space debris and its growth rate. However, the innovative touchless removal method is proposed. All kinds of space debris are collected in LEO, and the basic idea is concisely explained. The outcome of an experiment will be shown. The result leads to imaginative space debris management. The proposed space debris management methodology includes the attraction process, storage, and recycling process. Eventually, the orbiting space debris will be swept out, with less de-orbit, and keep zero net by reusing and recycling in orbit.

Asset DOI:

Final ID: AIAA-2023-2212 AIAA SciTech 2023 Session

Session ID: OPS-03 Session Title: On-Orbit Servicing II

Session Type: Technical Paper Session

Session Date Display: Thursday, 26 January 16:00 – 17:15 EST (UTC-5)

Location & Room: Virtual (Virtual) – Private Contributors

Contributor Affiliation: EmOne (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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